What I’m Listening To (Podcast Edition)

When I’m not doing the ol’ mom thing, or working, or cleaning up the house, or doing laundry or running, you can find me trying to learn and grow and become a better version of myself than I was yesterday. I do a lot of reading and listening to podcasts. I found that utilizing my treadmill running time as my podcast listening time works well.

So today I wanted to share what I’m listening to lately. This list is always changing but these 3 podcasts are the ones that I’ve been drawn to the last few months.

  1. The Meaningful Mess Podcast – This podcast is hosted by Katie Rollins. Katie has been in the mindset coaching space, as well as network marketing, for many years. But before you roll your eyes, please know this: she does not at all mention her network marketing business on her podcast episodes. Her podcast is meant to inspire people to let go of their self-limiting beliefs and go after what they want so they can live their best life. She gives you tactical advice on how to go from where you are today to where you want to be. She’s thoughtful, she’s funny, and she’s real. Her episodes are anywhere from 10-40 minutes and she puts out new content each week. I’ve been drawn to Katie over the years for many reasons– she makes me laugh and she embraces what she calls her “messiness.” As someone that struggles with perfectionism, I aspire to be someone that is perfectly OK with all the messiness that is life. Also, check out her IG account because she makes me laugh – @katierollins.insta
  2. The Rachel Hollis Podcast– This podcast has been around for years. I only started listening to it the last couple- sometimes her content is very interesting and relevant to me, other times it’s not. Like a lot of things, I’ll go through phases of listening to every episode and then not listening for months. One of the things I like about podcasts are that they are typically very timely. Reading a book is great, but the research and thoughts and ideas of the author may be vastly different a year and a half later. With podcasts, you get to see their growth and ideologies change in real time. Rachel is a great example of someone that has actively discussed how she’s changed from 10 years ago, to 5 to 2 or last month. I am drawn to her for many reasons-she’s a mom; she’s a single mom; she’s a working mom; she has a rock solid morning routine; and she’s always learning and growing. She has great guests on her shows– a lot of times it’s an author that recently came out with a new book- usually about personal growth, business or health. I end up buying a lot of the books she recommends.
  3. The Marathon Running Podcast– You knew I wasn’t going to get through a list of podcasts without mentioning that I listen to one about running, right? A few months ago I was searching “running” in my Spotify. This was one of the first podcasts that came up. It’s hosted by Letty and Ryan. Letty is the main host and she does most of the interview with their guests. The first episode I listened to was “Marathon Training Plans and Which One is Best for You.” This was very timely because I had just started my training cycle for my second marathon and was using one of the training plans they were discussing (Hal Higdon). Over the last couple of months I’ve been tuning into their episodes if I’m interested in the topic. I don’t listen to every single one but I use it when I need some indirect coaching in an area of running.

Some other podcasts I dabble in are Food Psych Podcast (Christy Harrison), Marathon Training Academy (Angie & Trevor), Impact Theory (Tom Bilyeu), Kwik Brain (Jim Kwik).

There are podcasts out there for everyone. I highly recommend utilizing time like treadmill running, long commutes, or a walk around the neighborhood as time to dive into a topic you’re interested in through a podcast. Also, please feel to share your favorites as I’m always looking to add more to my rotation.


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